LEVM 1 (The first part of a movie)

The First part of the Season1 Episode one of the Friends series

You can download the part of the movie from here

Also you can click on the below link:


First watch the movie at least two times then try to write down the dialogues which they use.

Next try to compare your transcription with the real text which I placed in here. And follow the structure that I told you in the “Teaching English through movies” post.

1.    There is nothing to tell. It’s just some guy I work with. 

2.    Come on. You are going out with the guy, there is gatta be something wrong with him.

3.    All right, Joey, be nice. So does he have a hump? A hump and a hairpiece?

4.    Wait, does he eat chalk? Just because I don’t want her to go through what I went through with Carl.

5.    Ok everybody relax. This is not even a date. It’s just two people going out to dinner and not having s*x.

6.    Sounds like a date to me.

7.    All right, back in high school. I was standing in the middle cafeteria I realize I am totally naked.

8.    I’ve had that dream.

9.     Then I looked down and I realize there is phone there.

10. Instead of …

11. That’s right.

12. That one, I’ve never had.

13. All of a sudden, the phone starts to ring. Now I don’t know what to do, everybody starts looking at me.

14. They weren’t looking at you before?

15. Finally, I figured I’d better answer it. And it turns out it’s my mother. Which is very, very weird because she never calls me.

16. Hi.

17. This guy says, “Hello”, I wanna kill myself.

18. Are you ok sweetie?

19. I just feel like someone reached down my throat grabbed my small intestine, pulled it out of my mouth and tided it around my neck.

20. Cookie!

21. Carol moved out today. Let me get you some coffee.

22. No, Don’t. Stop cleansing my aura. Just leave my aura alone. Ok?

23. Fine. Be murky.

24. I’ll be fine alright. Really everyone. I hope she’ll be very happy.

25. No you don’t.

26.  No I don’t to hell with her. She left me.


Phrase and words which I suppose are handy:
Some guy: a guy who you don’t know about him.
Hump:  a rounded protuberance on the back of a camel or other animal or as an abnormality on a person’s back.
Hairpiece: A covering or bunch of human or artificial hair used to conceal baldness or give shape to a coiffure.
Chalk: soft white or grey rock formed a long time ago from the shells of small sea animals [= limestone]
All of a sudden: suddenly
Aura: the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to be generated by someone or something.
Murky: dark; foggy; gloomy



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