Teaching English through movies

Hello Dear Friends!

I start my goal

Teaching English through movies“.

What’s my method is the thing that I’ll prepare for you in the following posts. I want to start with “friends” series. Just like the method that A.J taught, I will divide 2 to 3 minutes of a movie then transcribe the dialogues. then will write the phrases and sentences which I think will be practical for you. I’ll provide these posts in” learn English via movies” category and will name them by LEVMs.

Now, what’s your due?:

  • Download the part of that movie which I placed its link in that post.
  • Start to watch it carefully.
  • Try to transcribe the dialogue.
  • Watch again the part of that movie and see the subtitle (transcription) which I put in the post.
  • Check your transcription with the real transcription.
  • Find your mistakes and work on them. (Listen more and more)
  • Try to memorize them by watch in that part of movie again and again.
  • Do not overwhelm yourself. Just watch the movie and have fun. Your mind will help you to learn English subconsciously
  • Try to say the dialogues on your own.
  • Copy the intonation and pronunciation of the actors and actress.(very helpful for your speaking)
  • This method is examined and it’s so useful for both listening and speaking skills.

Tell me about your progress and my method by leaving comments or sending me emails.



About Fazel

My name is Fazel and I am a software engineer.
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2 Responses to Teaching English through movies

  1. Mahdi Kargar says:

    very good

  2. reza says:

    Dear fazel,
    hi, i thank you for good lesson about learning through movies. i wish the best for you. i am waiting for another lessones.

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