Grammar Lesson 2: “Adverb Clauses”

Hello dear partners.

If you are studying for a TOEFL or IELTS exam or would like to pass a writing test or interested in progressing in your writing, you should be aware of using adverb clauses in your texts for some reasons:

First it makes your writing clear and creative.

Also, it helps you to use correct grammar and know about the punctuation rules which will make your writing nice.

I want to provide nine grammar lessons on the subject of adverb clauses. Read them carefully and try to use them in your writing until you get a natural feeling about adverb clauses.

I really enjoy when I read your comments. Thank you and have fun!


(a)     When we were in New York, we saw several plays. 

(b)     We saw several plays when we were in New York.

When we were in New York is an adverb clause. 

PUNCTUATION: When an adverb clause precedes an independent clause, as in (a), a comma is used to separate the clauses. When the adverb clause follows, as in (b), usually no comma is used.

(c)     Because he was sleepy, he went to bed. 

(d)     He went to bed because he was sleepy.

Like When, Because introduces an adverb clause. 

Because he was sleepy is an adverb clause.

(e)     INCORRECT: When we were in New York. We saw several plays. 

(f)      INCORRECT: He went to bed. Because he was sleepy.

Adverb clauses are dependent clauses. They cannot stand alone as a sentence in written English. They must be connected to an independent clause.

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  1. asif says:

    very good effort.

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