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Grammar Lesson 2: “Adverb Clauses”

Hello dear partners. If you are studying for a TOEFL or IELTS exam or would like to pass a writing test or interested in progressing in your writing, you should be aware of using adverb clauses in your texts for … Continue reading

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Grammar Lesson 1 : “Paired Conjunctions”

In this post I provide a grammar lesson about “paired conjunctions” and I think it’s useful for your writing and also speaking as well. At least it worked for me. Read it carefully and tell me your idea about it. … Continue reading

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Handy Phrases 3!

In this post I prepared some words and phrases that you can use them in your writing instead of “To get money or possessions from someone dishonestly” But how? When you write an essay about a relationship and you want … Continue reading

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